Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guys, a poll about women :)?

Do you prefer women with:

Long, sort, or medium length hair

straight, wavy, or curly hair

blonde, brunette, red, or black hair

bangs or no bangs

skinny, athletic, or curvy

do you like that "perfect" look? or a more casual, not too high maintenance look?

favorite color eyes?

%26amp; whats your favorite type of personality?

sorry, bored :) %26amp; its kind of fun to hear different guys opinions. you all like so many different things. thanks :)

Guys, a poll about women :)?



blonde, then black

Probably no bangs , but depends on the face



Blue, green tied

Outgoing, gregarious happy

bad girls

Guys, a poll about women :)?

I know I'm not a guy...but I just wanted to say I am glad you asked this question. I starred it by the way.


Guys, a poll about women :)?

Skinny pleasant girls.

Guys, a poll about women :)?



doesn't matter

doesnt matter


I don't know

doesn't matter

don't be snobby or bitchy

Guys, a poll about women :)?

Short Hair

Straight Hair

Black Hair (Doesn't matter, really)

Bangs (Doesn't matter, really)


Not Too High Maintenance Look (Doesn't matter, really)

Black/Blue Eyes

Any Personality With Top-Notch Brain and Faithful Heart

Bad Girls (I'm more of innocent so I like the bad ones)

Guys, a poll about women :)?

a girl with medium black hairs, brown colored eyes, casual look,skinny n innocent one....

Is the Remington Wet 2 Dry Hair Straightner any Good?


i was just curious for those who have used the Remington Wet 2 Dry hair striaghtner, is it any good? It is it ok to use when ur hair is already dry and you want to straighten it? What are the pros and cons?

Also, I have medium length, somewhat thick hair. I want it it to be smooth and frizz-less.


Is the Remington Wet 2 Dry Hair Straightner any Good?

Straightening hair while wet damages your hair which causes it to get dry even frizzier with split ends. Never straighten hair while wet, only when it is 100% dry. If you use it while hair is dry it, the hair straightener will give you moisture because of the steam vents.

Is the Remington Wet 2 Dry Hair Straightner any Good?

Unfortunately any hair straiten that is used on wet hair is horribly damaging. hair should always be 100percent dry before adding heat to it. the outer layer of your hair is called the cuticle. imagine it as a doorway. depending on your porosity that doorway is opened up a little bit to a lot. if your hair is wet on the outside its also wet on the inside. once heat is applied to wet hair it causes the water to boil inside your hair and cause a large amount of damage no matter what any 1 tells u. my best advice is to buy a professional hair straightener such as the Paul Mitchell "the straightener" and use it on dry hair

Is the Remington Wet 2 Dry Hair Straightner any Good?

Hi - I have this product and really like it. I normally don't use it when my hair is wet, but maybe sometimes a bit damp. Anyway, it works great to smooth out your hair and gets rid of frizz. Love it!

Im getting hot pink in my hair....?

i want to know how i should get them put in my hair. I have medium length black SUPER DUPER curly hair, and side bangs that i usually keep straight. i either wear my hair pulled back, or straigh, never curly because i cant get it to look right.

here are some pics of my hair (it s wet so its realy curly)




i know the pics suck, but my carama is bad and i hate pics. can you please give me sum pics on what you think would look good in my hAIR thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Im getting hot pink in my hair....?

bleach your hair first.

it would be easier to put the pink in that way.

Im getting hot pink in my hair....?

i cant see them.......

Im getting hot pink in my hair....?

yea i cant see em either

I'm Getting My Hair Cut Soon,Need some pics of different hairstyles that I can choose from?

I'm having my hair cut soon and I cant find any good hair styles.....Anything medium length would be fine......

I'm Getting My Hair Cut Soon,Need some pics of different hairstyles that I can choose from?


check this site they have short hairstyles and medium hairstyles w/c is what you're looking for.. long hairstyles too.. :)


I'm Getting My Hair Cut Soon,Need some pics of different hairstyles that I can choose from?

try this site hair boutique.com they have lots of different styles to choose from--from a cometologist

I'm Getting My Hair Cut Soon,Need some pics of different hairstyles that I can choose from?

OK so tell me what type, of hair cut you maybe into than i could help you out, or you can also send a pic of your self so than i could send you pictures of haircuts that might fit you...

Girly scene hairstyles??

I love scene hairstyles....not so much of the ones that are really crazy..but like a simple straight scene hairstyle is really cute...but i'm nervous that people will like call me a poser because i'm not like punk or emo or that ****..i dont mind those styles.but in my school thats how ur looked at,by what you wear...

so any ideas/opions?

any hairstyles that'd look good for a hollister chick?((i have a heart shaped face and medium length hair))

pictures would be lovely..thanks to those who answer!!%26lt;3

Girly scene hairstyles??

Side bangs, layers in the front[so it frames your face], grow your hair long in the back.

Think of it like this:








but waaaaay more toned down :]

another option:

-either bangs, or side bangs

-grow your hair out long, and curl the ends

it should look like:


[but with side bangs, and the curls more towards the ends]



[the right pic, but once again, with side bangs, and the hair should be longer]

or even this:


Girly scene hairstyles??




pick anything!! but one good chose is to look on google like this


Girly scene hairstyles??



(the one on the right for the pic above)

don't let people judge you by the way you look.if they say you look bad,ask why.i don't know about your school,but everyone in our school has straight hair and they aren't emos or goths.

Hairstyles for medium length?

Alright so I want to do something different with my hair. I don't to cut it any shorter than it is though. I want to dye it or change the styling. Right now its black and to my shoulders. I have brown eyes and dark eyebrowns and eyelashes. Keep this in mind for your suggestions. If you give me a good discription and or picture you shall get best answer. Thank you!

Hairstyles for medium length?

Try a style like my cousins:


I hope you like it!

Hairstyles for medium length?

It sounds like you have a very simple cut right now, so I'd go with some shorter layers around the face or you want to sweepy side bangs. you could also get some lighter highlights throughout.

Hairstyles for medium length?

TREsemm茅 Curls! =)


First, apply a generous amount of TRESemm茅 Touchable Curls Shaping Milk into your palms and work evenly throughout your hair; it's the perfect combination of leave-in conditioner, silicone and a holding agent that defines, shapes and holds your curls.


Use a paddle brush to distribute the product evenly and remove tangles.

Nathaniel: "Curly hair has a tendency to be a little tangly. This will really gently remove any tangles."


Then scrunch your curls and waves into place. You can either air dry to bring out your natural curls. Or to enhance your curl formation, blow dry using a diffuser attachment. Finish blow drying on a cool setting to set your curls.

Finish your look with TRESemme TRESemm茅 Anti-Frizz Secret to keep flyaways at bay. Then enjoy soft, sexy curls that can bring your look to life.

Hairstyles for medium length?

check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * Medium hairstyle tips-


Help with hair and overall looks?

I have an oval-shaped face with medium-length, thick blonde hair. It has a far side part with a bit of sideswept bangs and otherwise long, face-framing layers. I have blue, ocean-colored eyes. I'm pretty tall and thin, and twelve years old.

People tell me I look pretty, and when I look in the mirror, I think I look okay. But, in pictures I look horrible, and I think my natural look is overall boring. Any suggestions?

Help with hair and overall looks?

it's normal to think you look ugly in pictures, don't worry about it. maybe you need a different hair style, cut it shorter, get a perm, go shopping, get some new clothes, wear some make up. experiment a little. it could just be you're getting bored with the way you are and you need a little chance. (nothing to extreme of course!)

Help with hair and overall looks?

Style your hair different, or wear a little makeup.

Hope that helps!!

Help with hair and overall looks?

well first i dont understand wat hair help u need and second for ur look everyone (girls in particular) think they lok horrible in picture like i think that and so do my friends but anyway u could brighten up ur wardrobe maybe or make ur hair do different like clips if u normally sont wear them wear classy shoes and things like that!! good luck!

Help with hair and overall looks?

check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * Hairstyle ideas - tips and tricks-


check the links below for beauty tips to:-- * Hairstyle Photo Gallery-


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